HVAC Rental Machines During The Reconstruction Of The Highway Triangle Braunschweig-Sudwest

Wheel loaders, excavators and compactors of the HKL centers Braunschweig, Hannover, and Magdeburg support work on the A-39 / 404 for A Hamburg/Brunswick, June 9, 2011. Since spring 2010, HVAC rental machines are active during the reconstruction of the highway triangle Braunschweig-Sudwest. The previous route is cluttered, the performance of motorway triangle, and the subsequent […]

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Smart Metering Applications

The Danish energy company Modstrom launches eco-friendly energy service based on Z-Wave Copenhagen / Frankfurt, April 08, 2008 Modstrom offers an innovative solution to reduce electricity costs. In combination with Z-Wave-based tools for the display of energy, Modstrom gives customers help to reduce energy consumption. The savings can be either credited to the budget or […]

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Kleve Tel

The Sun strips from the series solar C store on slat holders made of plastic, which were inserted into aluminium horizontal support. The blades themselves are simply clicked into the holder. Here a patented clip system is used, which allows the gradual adjustment of blades in 15-degree increments. The Kunststoffclipse it also act as efficient […]

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Commercial Real Estate

The commercial construction of buildings represents a portion of the building as part of segment of building construction. Commercial real estate are building or only parts of the building, which used mostly exclusively for commercial purposes. In contrast to industrial buildings, they serve not only production and storage purposes, but also often take the form […]

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Benefits Of Attic Expansion

What added value the expansion of your loft offers for you and your home who is planning to use the previously unused space in the attic in the future as a living room which has found a clever way to optimize its floor space in the House. Apart from the cozy flair, the expansion of […]

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