Commercial Real Estate

The commercial construction of buildings represents a portion of the building as part of segment of building construction. Commercial real estate are building or only parts of the building, which used mostly exclusively for commercial purposes. In contrast to industrial buildings, they serve not only production and storage purposes, but also often take the form […]

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United States

The ease that still inherent in the building, is significant and characterizes the place. At this point it should be noted, that it is also naturally expressed an understanding of democratic discussions around the site and gives. The Bikinihaus and continuing the Zoo push Palace is inextricably connected, like a bolt from the Zoo. From […]

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Benefits Of Attic Expansion

What added value the expansion of your loft offers for you and your home who is planning to use the previously unused space in the attic in the future as a living room which has found a clever way to optimize its floor space in the House. Apart from the cozy flair, the expansion of […]

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