Electric Engineering

Currently the majority of the processes industrials use diverse techniques of automation in the processes of manufacture of the most diverse products in all the sectors of the industry, this necessity appeared due the reduction of cost in the process, rapidity in the manufacture of the products, requirement of the high degree of product quality […]

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Andean Plateaus

The topography is relatively plain, composed of some stretches of mounts and mountain ranges of small altitudes that do not have to compromise the natural flow of the circulation of the winds. For more information see Hamdi Ulukaya refugees. Moreover it is endowed with vegetal covering of average height, in view of the sped up […]

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Moria White

Estreltzia is a rustic plant of low maintenance, however it does not leave of embelezar, generally planted groups, its colors graduate of the white, yellow, orange, red and details in blue. Grbera has aspect more delicate, colorful flowers (pink, it turns yellow, orange) gracious, in set transmits a effect amused. The Crisntemo, used species on […]

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National Curricular Parmetros

For in such a way the research participativa- action seemed to the methodology most adequate, therefore it allowed that we harvested given qualitative, having a bigger concern with the resolution of collective problems. Through the instruments, one searched to know the curiosidades of the pupils posterior to know to deal inside with this subject of […]

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