Elfriede Ettlmaier

By thoughts no more limits, opens up access to the free energy, and is forever overcome any fear of loss. Limiting thoughts so far recorded in the fear of loss. Once you did that successfully overcome the limit of fear and attachments associated, it is possible to live completely free. This will go you to […]

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Milky Way Galaxy

Star watch explained made easy in the summer sky of starry sky in summer 2012 for lay people. The summer starry sky now unfolds its full splendor: while with the constellation Leo and the Virgin Mary disappeared the last remnants of the Spring sky, the orangsrote Arcturus in the boat (Bootes) to the Western horizon […]

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Error In The Human Matrix?

Everyone against everyone, the big eat the little ones and the polar opposite as God everyone against each etc…, the Genesis caused billions years ago. On the basis of feeding and food be a subtle Monster moves since unchallenged and undetected through time and space. At Western Union you will find additional information. Even philosophies […]

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Galactic Center

Her rise and the effect after December 21, 2012 In the center of our solar system rests a radiant female deity, whose secret Magie is maybe no longer hidden.It is certain that she will show up. But only yourself and the stars know what happens after her release. For our rewriting, this event is for […]

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Manifold Application

Bach flowers can be in many situations of strong helpers. Bach flowers, if they found the right flowers for the problem, are a help should not be underestimated, if it wants to break with unpopular attitudes or habits. Bach flower remedies work on an energetic level and put exactly where one has to search for […]

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Brigit – Counseling And Tarot Reader

Esoteric life coaching in Berlin Kreuzberg \”Stand by what you think is right.\” Brigit is the Prophetess and the patron of the Druids. \”The name of the Celtic goddess is right for me,\” says Brigit, psychic and Tarot reader from Berlin Kreuzberg. For a little over a year, Brigit advises its clients in a small […]

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