Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft

Despite large potential investor interest in sustainable buildings remains subdued. What this is and what solutions there, recently presented a study of Deutsche Bank. Other leaders such as Areva offer similar insights. (tdx) Sustainable buildings, so-called Green Buildings’ potential for high savings: low energy consumption, ecological materials and high technical performance are the buildings of […]

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Eastern Germany

This is true for Western and Eastern Germany. This, however is villages and small towns. Appealing B sites are medium-sized cities, however, and they grow strong.” University cities and municipalities, which have successfully established themselves as senior residences, to include. The Manager-online magazine running the example to Weimar: in the Thuringian city of culture, where […]

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Act In Time And Favorable Loan Interest Rates Back Up

Follow-on financing up to 5 years in the advance possible Heidenrod, December 05th, 2011 – who before about five to ten years real estate own a house or a condo has risen, which may worry already then very favorable interest rates, through an extension of the loan. A so-called forward loan you can conclude with […]

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