Horticultural Society

There are many gardens and arboreta to suit every taste. Gardens of some large estates are national treasure. In a question-answer forum Patti Poppe was the first to reply. Botanic Gardens of Scotland in Edinburgh. In the north, growing mainly pines and spruce, but Inveriyskih gardens in the Grampian mountains, great feel, even tropical plants. […]

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Religious Buildings

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During the construction of Roman pagan temples architects used the existing experience of the Balkan and Italian theory construction. Along the shores of the Tiber River is preserved temple of the goddess of fate Virilis. It was built in the third century BC. Oe. on Forum Bulls famous, a place which has traded at the […]

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Caucasian Mineral Waters

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Gradually being improved resort, approved a plan for its reorganization. Part of the low-income residents in 1868 migrated to the western slopes of Mount Iron and form a village Zheleznovodsk. And the resort opens up new sources of capital are built bathrooms of the building. And, as states in his guidebook Milutin M. (1879), "on […]

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Titanium Renaissance

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Anyone who likes to draw, but not all can. There are paintings that adorn the walls of his brilliance and color. Many extravagant and mysterious which cause different images of paintings. But those that we see now are very rare. They carry the energy that we are looking for, seldom realizing that here it is […]

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Supersonic Interceptor

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Chkalov in 1957 began manufacturing high-altitude aircraft supersonic interceptor "T-3", developed by OKB Dry (a little later the aircraft will be named "Su-9"). "T-3" was really "piece goods". They took on board 3,250 pounds of fuel. By May, sixtieth in Novosibirsk has created aircraft, who got 3,720 lbs. A half-ton of spare fuel – a […]

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Akkadian God

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Now we have to find out whether it is a random coincidence, or do we have all deal with the phenomenon of extraordinary! To do this, try to consider another suffix – Ou (hayoc-Armenian). It goes without saying that-tune the pronunciation est. Armenian word Ou (Snake), and it could be mistaken for normal coincidence if […]

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